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Wow, this thing is tiny when packed away! Definitely need this for my urban exploring photos. It’s just under $200 on Amazon which seems like a spectacularly well-priced item considering how expensive good tripods get. Check inside for images of how this baby folds up!

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This is the TILT and unfortunately it’s currently sold out. But no matter, I will still write about it like it’s in stock. Back in 2011, this project raised a whopping $22,000 on Kickstarter — way above its intended $8000 mark — and turned the MacBook Pro cooling stand industry on its head. The TILT […]

I can’t see myself using this for professional gigs (looks too silly), but for leisure, this $1 camera stabilizer made out of string is pure genius. [via]


This Arden fan is beautiful. You can buy one for $300 if you really want (free shipping too!). [via]

This is pretty cool. Manfrotto is making a hybrid tripod head that combines the best of both the fluid head video world and the photo head world. The new head is made especially for modern DSLRs that can shoot still photos and videos. With the flick of a switch, a photo head can be made […]