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Part 2 and 3 are inside. This isn’t as funny as when Jack McBrayer and Triumph visited Chicago’s Weiner Circle, but it’s still got its funny parts.

Everything is going wrong with this ship. First it breaks down and its passengers are stranded at sea for a few days. And then when a tow boat comes to get it, the tow line snaps and the passengers are delayed from reaching shore. At the time of this post (6:30PM PST), the ship is […]

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen lately. Sending Mr. Happyman Jack McBrayer to the meanest food joint in Chicago is definitely good comedy.

Conan never ceases to make me laugh. He visited his former studio at NBC which now hosts Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, to pick up an old friend — TRIUMPH, THE INSULT COMIC DOG!