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I get so excited about stuff like this. Check out this semi truck linking technology from Peloton that enables tractor trailers to drive in a long convoy as one unit (a lead truck controls almost everything).

Something very amusing about watching this incredibly long video of various big trucks doing insane things on unstable ground.


This looks like a great book for some artistic inspiration. Horn Please: The Decorated Trucks of India is a book from Powerhouse with full-color images of many highly decorative trucks in India with photos by Dan Eckstein.


Growing up, I owned and played with a few beloved Tonka trucks and have always assumed that they stopped making the old steel versions of them due to safety concerns. In stores, I only ever see the plastic ones and each time I pick up those light-weight trucks, I get so sad for the kids […]

Jonathan Ward and his company ICON are making beautiful and functional vehicles that have always remained at the top of my most-coveted list of cars.