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If at first you are disgusted, I encourage you to keep the video playing until the very end. This one is good. [via]


I love this link found over at SwissMiss about how designer Ian Storm Taylor discovered early on that it was highly counterproductive to ever use true black in design. He notes that very few things in the world are truly black (that is, #000000) and that even things we generally consider black aren’t really black […]

Did you know that Koreans invented pizza? It’s true. So very true.


FriendsWithYou’s huge installation called Rainbow City is a fun little park located underneath a portion of section 2 of The High Line. It includes a bunch of inflatable sculptures that are tethered to the ground by strings. You can run up to them and push them around and have them bounce into you if you […]


Everyone knows of one person. You know, that guy or girl that gets sent an outrageously odd-sounding article from The Onion and then totally believes it’s true! Literally Unbelievable highlights these moments in blog form. It’s highly enjoyable.