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Timbuk2 just updated their fantastic Command messenger bag. The bag is a TSA-friendly and approved carry-on that opens up to allow you to carry a laptop and iPad through security without taking it out of your bag (although, that’s technically what’s supposed to happen but some airports will require you to take them out anyway). […]

This is both enraging and hilarious, to be honest. A man named Kahler Nygard, who found himself inexplicably on a no-fly list 3 years ago, was approved to board a flight¬†anyway and upon landing was asked to leave the airplane he was in– by himself — so that TSA agents could do additional screening on […]


I just learned that the Leatherman PS multi-tool is the only Leatherman product approved for on-board carrying by the TSA. The tool does not feature a blade, however, it does have a pair of small foldable scissors which can be taken away according to the TSA’s discretion at security check. But for $15, I guess […]

Did you know that over at GovDeals.com, you can buy confiscated items from the TSA? The Pennsylvania-based liquidation company works directly with the TSA to offer everything from sports gear to actual weapons at low-cost. Here are some interesting ones: A $500 Ford F-350 XL former Police ambulance truck A 1980 American Lafrance Century Ladder […]

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Photo from USFA Heh, the one time I read Lifehacker, I come across something I can actually use in the future. It turns out that a pretty effective way to make sure an airline does not lose your luggage is to pack a gun or starter pistol into it and tell the airline that you […]