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Photo: Public Art Fund At the corner of 60th and Fifth Avenue in NYC, there is a tumbling 6-seater Piper Seneca created by Paola Pivi that is on display until August 26th. If you catch it at the right angle, like the folks above, then you can seemingly create a photo that looks like it […]

Most men would have probably perished or gotten injured in such a Jeep rollover, but not this man. This man just slides right out of the vehicle as it continues to tumble downward. [via]

This man is so lucky to be alive after tumbling an unknown amount of distance from the top of this mountain due to a snowmobile driving mishap.

Here’s a very amusing video above from the BUCS 2011 X.C mountain bike challenge where many of the competitors tumbled and fell at a particularly steep and windy section of the track. Nobody looks like they got seriously hurt which is good. If you want a slightly more serious video showing parts of the entire […]


Photo: Meghan Lori One of the things I fear when I’m on a ski lift is that the whole thing will just suddenly fall and collapse to the ground. Some may say that fear is nonsense, but today, that fear became a reality for some! A 35-year-old ski lift at Maine’s Sugarloaf ski resort tumbled […]