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The Telegraph takes us to a “secret” (but really, just off limits) dry-land tunnel between France and the UK. The tunnel is in between to the two sides of the Channel Tunnel which runs underwater and takes passengers via train between the UK and France.

I’m not ballsy enough to do this sort of thing in a pitch-black tunnel. Especially one that is reported to be haunted. That movie The Tunnel really ruined it for me.


I’ve always wanted to come here and last week I finally did. But then somebody called the cops on me and I had to get outta there real quick. Didn’t spend nearly enough time as I wanted to. Would love to go back. Such a peaceful place. To get there, take the L train to […]

This is actually the first time I’m hearing about this, but it seems New Zealand is home to an abandoned and unfinished subway system. Not exactly sure where this is (haven’t done enough research into it yet), but it sure looks like the setting for The Tunnel (even though I know The Tunnel takes place […]