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I actually own Matthew O’Brien’s book Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas but have never had a chance to sit down and read it. People living in tunnels has always interested me and maybe this video here is the kick I need to add this book to this year’s […]

Wow, this is neat! If you missed it, I just posted a really awesome aerial drone video of the current state of the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Look at this. It’s a truck that has a curved top to allow for easy building of an archway structure at an incredible pace. If you want to see how this company builds arches without this truck, look at the video after the jump.

I can’t believe he goes down here without a mask. If you remember, I posted another similar video from Steve Duncan earlier in 2012.

I will never tire of seeing these East Side Access tunnels. Something about them just seem so cool.

Whoa! A really awesome video from WIRED about the massive East Side Access Project with footage that I’ve never seen before!