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Gizmodo posts this video of a mysterious amusement park somewhere in the world (anybody?) with quite possibly the craziest gut-churning maneuvers I’ve ever seen on a non-rollercoaster. The two arms on this ride run independently of each other causing the center “ride” portion to flip, go upside down, and turn vertical.

I’ve seen this before, but Joyce just reminded me of it! Always funny to watch again.

It is as the title says. I know I could have made an animated GIF, but animated GIFs don’t have sound. If you’re curious, this is taken from a turn she does in her “Countdown” music video.

If my plane does this same thing and crashes, I’m just going to go ahead and tell you now that Doobybrain.com will at least have new content until June 11th. So there you go. Let’s hope my plane doesn’t do acrobatics in the air like this.


Oh those Chinese…what can’t they counterfeit? If your answer was ‘beef’ then I’m sorry to say that you might be wrong. According to several Chinese outlets, more than a small handful of Chinese restaurants (and some individuals) in China are using a special beef extract paste to turn chicken and pork into beef. The process […]


Flavorwire posts about this creative book bed made by Japanese designer Yusuke Suzuki. It comes with two facing pages, each with turnable sheets! How cool!