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This sounded like a joke to me, but apparently it’s not. There’s a beverage called Air that’s more or less water and alcohol mixed together with some “natural” flavors. Guess who designed the table-of-elements-ish packaging: Turner Duckworth.

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There’s something about looking at renderings of Coca-Cola cans that make me really want to drink some Coke right now. Maybe it’s the red which is so meticulously chosen that it can sometimes even make me want to eat the can itself. Certainly the guys at Turner Duckworth know what they’re doing. [via]


The Dieline recently named the newly redesigned Coca-Cola aluminum bottles as the Platinum award winner in their beverage design category. From the product images above and below, you can see that the bottles are sleek, simple and bold. The bottles, designed by Turner Duckworth, remain instantly recognizable as Coca-Cola products while still being very fresh […]