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This is scary. Ivan Tukhtin was driving late at night on the New Jersey Turnpike when he suddenly came across a very odd looking roadblock. No lights, no police, just a shady man in a hoody and several traffic cones in the middle of the highway. Ivan suspects that he was in the midst of […]

This is the best video overall that I’ve seen of the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. This was shot in 2013. Beware, creepy video at times, with at lease one shot of a deceased floating animal in water. This is a good map of the abandoned turnpike if you want to have a look.

I swear this is the premise of a scary movie. But whatever. Here’s a video of 2 guys going on a hike on Pennsylvania’s 13-mile abandoned turnpike on Halloween. The abandoned turnpike was commmonly known as the Tunnel Highway because of its many tunnels along the 13-mile stretch.