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Using silver, Kate Stone has invented a touch-sensitive paper surface that can be used to control a digital turntable on an iPad. Made more as a proof of concept than anything else, but hey, it works!

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Brooklyn-based MISHKA just announced the release of these single and double-pack slipmats for DJ turntables. Put one on and watch as the eye circles around forever… I want a lot of these to put on my walls. The double-pack is $20 and the single pack is $12.


Photo by Sebastian Buehler Digging In The Crates is the thesis work of Roland Loesslein and a traveling interactive installation that lets viewers/users explore the role of sampling in modern music using a turntable that responds to a projected visualization over the record. Turning the record will also turn the virtual projected record so that […]

DJ Kid Koala does this amazing live mix where he manipulates the speed of a record that’s playing to mimic the sound of a trumpet. If you close your eyes, it seriously sounds like somebody playing the trumpet. I can only assume that it took Kid Koala a very long time to perfect this. Thanks […]