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John Knoll. You should know the name by now if you use Photoshop on a daily basis (it’s on the PS splash screen). Here he is recreating a tutorial for one of the earliest versions of Photoshop.

Gary Fong just launched an exclusive feature on his website that goes deep into the details of specific cameras with step-by-step tutorials and videos of all of the button functions and menus. It’s pretty in-depth and while there are only 2 cameras available for viewing now, the potential here for trying out future cameras before […]

Umm, I just found out that the girl behind Boxxy is actually not a real girl. Well, I mean, she’s a real girl, but it’s a made up character. The girl behind Boxxy does “normal” videos over at ANewHopeee.

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A user on imgur posted these frightening photos of her custom Zombie Audrey Hepburn. Truly scary!! Click inside if you want to see a close-up and the make-up tutorial time-lapse. [via]