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I’m a sucker for TwelveSouth Apple accessories. This latest one that they just announced, the ParcSlope for MacBook, is yet another item I want (but definitely don’t need). It’s a stand that elevates your MacBook to an 18-degree tilt for more comfortable typing and better air cooling of the MacBook. It’s sized for current MacBooks […]


TwelveSouth just released this “invisible” laptop stand called the GhostStand for $34.95. It’s made out of a clear acrylic and inspired greatly by¬†Philippe Stark’s Ghost Chair. The GhostStand elevates your laptop to a better viewing height while also allowing for better airflow underneath (you know how hot those MacBook Pros can get!). Me? I’m partial […]


Really digging this Twelve South HiRise Adjustable Stand for MacBook. Expensive at nearly $70, but it sure as hell is sexy looking.

The BassJump from twelvesouth is all over the net today and CrunchGear takes it on a video tour and demo to show us all how much an $80 USB attachment can do to laptop sound. Doesn’t the size of the BassJump itself render the portability of a laptop useless? Or am I missing something here?