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Remember the story of Anais and Samantha Futerman, the two women — one who lived in the US and the other who lived in France — who last year suddenly found out that they may be twin sisters separated at birth? Well, here’s a follow-up to that story. They really are sisters. Such an amazing […]

When I was younger, this was a big reason why I wished I was a twin. So I could make people who didn’t know I was a twin think that I could instantly teleport. I think I watched a little too much It Takes Two when I was younger.

I’ve personally never been to the top of the former World Trade Center towers in Lower Manhattan, and it never occurred to me that I could virtually visit the top via YouTube. There are quite a few of these home videos and I’m glad they’re online.


Ren Xin, an 11 year-old Chinese girl has undergone surgery in China’s top military medical hospital to remove a third arm that is attached to her back! The third arm is the result of an under-developed parasitic twin that grew inside the mother’s womb. Because of her rare third arm on her back, many people […]