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As the tagline on the site reads, what’s sexier than dating yourself? Haha. Check out this crazy collection of photos of people dating other people of the same-sex who look like them.

Dan Matthews is an ISATV producer who is also an adoptee from Korea living in Los Angeles. The trailer above is for a movie he is making about his experience in meeting his biological parents in Korea and also finding out that he has a twin brother. The story, in a few ways, is very […]

I cannot wait to see how this plays out. Exciting that this is all online to see.

This is truly one of the more remarkable stories I’ve heard about online in recent months. Two girls, one named Samantha Futerman (living in California) and the other named Anais (living in Paris), accidentally found out that they were separated twin sisters living on opposite sides of the world. Samantha was featured in a Kevjumba […]