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I’m not sure why I expected anything else. I was not fully prepared to actually see the dough wrapped around an actual stick. This looks so good though!

Paraphernalia from John Williams on Vimeo. A lovely short film about a kid named Atari Withers who has a robot friend he’s trying to get rid of. Nice twist at the end. Yep, I ruined it for you. There’s a twist. See if you can figure it out before you get there.

Gizmodo posted this video of a Boeing 767 from All Nippon Airways landing so violently that it twisted the plane’s fuselage. Pretty freaky that this can happen to an airplane.

Michael Bambino’s Tambour Table is pretty amazing. It’s tabletop is formed with a few folding strips on either side that are made to fall over (or drape) over the edge of the table when the top portion is rotated. Beneath the top is a large storage compartment for anything from chargers, cables, keyboards, and other […]

Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen talking about graffiti, trains, and their art.