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I still can’t get a handle on Twixtor (I don’t know why really) but some people have a firm grasp on what it can do and how to make videos processed with it look incredible. Here’s David Lindberg transforming standard video shot on a Canon T2i into amazing 4000fps video.

This video is obviously an extreme exaggeration of what you can do with the slow-motion capabilities built into FCPX, but it’s great that you don’t really need an external plugin like Twixtor to pull it off. This video is played back at 1% of its original speed.

I have the Twixtor plugin and I’ve tried to use it but no matter what I do I can never get the resulting footage to look as good as this. I’ve looked up various tutorials and I still can’t figure it out. I wish somebody would just show me in person. By the way, this […]

A guy named Kendy decided to film his custom 620 Monster motorcycle for fun with a Canon 550D. Amazingly, the very still hand-held shots are achieved by using Twixtor instead of a rig.

The Cool Hunter posted this video of a bunch of surfers surfing the waves in slow-motion. The video was manipulated with the slow-motion plugin Twixtor which explains why the “HD” title isn’t exactly fitting of the video quality. Oh well, still kind of neat!