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Huboost by Animography

I really like Animography’s Huboost animated typeface. It just flows together so nicely.

Webster animated typeface

Here’s a lovely animated typeface from Animography called Webster. Reminds me of that classic game Planarity!

Blackletter Capitals by Seb Lester

Today I learned the proper name for those Gothic letters and typefaces I love so much. It’s called BlackletterĀ and Seb Lester here is making an entire series of them by hand. Watch!


I just discovered this Tumblr called Type Fight that pits two letters from different font families against and then asks you to pick the best. A fun game, but it looks like the site has stopped updated as of last month. Here’s hoping it starts up again!

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If I recall correctly, Moe is the only regular character in Calvin and Hobbes that has a different typeface used for his speech bubbles. I think this was a clever choice by Bill Watterson to clearly draw a line between Moe’s world and Calvin’s and to further differentiate the contrast between these two characters. Moe […]

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No relation to my love of MISHKA (the brand), here is a nice looking typface also called Mishka.