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The typewriter is very much alive in this part of India! Collectors, users, fixers, and all in this video from New Delhi!


In Max de Esteban’s photo series entitled Proposition One, he takes apart old gadgets layer by layer, photographs them, and then reassembles them in correct order to create these stunning images that look like X-rays. These are so cool! PDN has a couple of more images from this series if you want to take a […]


There was a point in time when I used to put two spaces after the period in a sentence. It was a habit I had learned because of teachers who stressed the need for a double-space to increase reading clarity. Then, in high school, one of my English teachers explained to me that this was […]

History of the typewriter recited by Michael Winslow from SansGil—Gil Cocker on Vimeo. Ignacio Uriarte asked Michael Winslow to tell the history of the typewriter using only man-made sounds that imitate the clicking of a typewriter’s keystrokes. This is one of the coolest documentaries/videos I’ve ever seen.


Over at the Uppercase Journal there is a fantastic link to a Flickr photoset of old typewriter ribbon tins. It’s a shame that nowadays things as basic as ribbon tins don’t come so decorated anymore.