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This is really remarkable technology that squishes the average English keyboard down to a single fluid horizontal line. It uses adaptive and intuitive English input to guess what word you’re going to type. It’s a bit like Swype¬†but it takes that idea even further. Precise password typing is available too!

Forgive the jagged playback (not sure why it’s doing that), but here’s a brief and concise explanation of how court stenographers copy down all that’s being said in record time without fumbling over keys.

The wonderful thing about where I work is that when Google comes out with a new service that they gradually roll out to users, we get it here first. This was true of the Gmail facelift earlier last month as well as the built-in Gmail voice calling feature, and now it’s true of Google Instant […]

Behind the Scenes With Kanye from We Love You So on Vimeo. This was a behind-the-scenes clip posted on the Where The Wild Things Are inspiration blog and it’s pretty funny. Even though it’s clearly staged, any clip where Kanye is getting slapped is funny to me.

This video shows how amazingly quick you can type on the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm 2. [via] OMG, please come out for AT&T soon. I want you bad.