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So Gawker posted this video of the “unpickable” Forever Lock being picked open with a custom made bump key. Yep.

This is neat I suppose, but the inventor fails to realize that most U-locks are not “picked” open. They are cut open which means that the key is really for the user, and the rest of the makeup of the lock needs to be incredibly strong and un-clippable for thieves. If anything, this lock is just […]


I’ve always wanted Kryptonite to make a smaller chain lock and now it seems like they have in the Evolution™ Series 4 1055 Mini Integrated Chain. The chain is rate 8/10 on Kryptonite’s security scale and allows you to lock your bike to more objects than a standard U-Lock. If you’re like me, you can […]

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The U-Locket from ninety9 Lincolns is a $40 miniature U-Lock necklace. It’s hot. Seriously, this thing is awesome.

As Prolly says, this is very unnecessary. I mean, even if the pedestrian was wrong in harassing you on your bike, you don’t go beating him with your friggin’ U-lock. You’re on a bike. Just ride away. Shame on you, cyclist. I hope somebody finds you and turns you in.