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This looks like an amazing place to visit. With a population of only 105, it looks like it’d be the perfect place to scare the crap out of me or laugh my head off. UFOs? They might exist (but only here…).


Photo: Tom Blackwell Tom Blackwell has photographed some of the installations that are part of what’s known as the Panopticons in Lancashire. This one here known as the Haslingden Halo definitely evokes a feeling of standing underneath a hovering UFO. Fantastic photo! [via]

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Photo: Dmitry Gorilovskiy (click to enlarge) Kottke points me over to this amusing photo submitted to the National Geographic photo contest (2011) showing a peculiar looking cloud that resembles a UFO. If you want to see more of this year’s National Geographic photo contest submissions, check out In Focus.

Maybe listening to an old man ramble on for 9 minutes about UFO’s and their true existence isn’t your thing, but if it is, then be sure to hit play on the video above where you can hear Jody Pendarvis of Bowman, SC describe the homemade UFO he erected in his backyard. He’s got stories […]

What?! A person that goes by the name of Prophet Yahweh can apparently summon UFO’s to appear whenever he wants. He says the secret is in the Old Testament written in Hebrew and that he has mastered this technique over 25 years of practice. Las Vegas KTNV (ABC channel 13) gave the guy some media […]