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The Dieline has posted some close-up images of the amazing Stranger & Stranger Ultimate Deck made by Dan & Dave. As far as I can tell, these are either not out yet or not being sold to the public at all. A shame because I would want to snatch these up!

This is so wonderful. Dogs are the best. Cats on the other hand will kill you. [via]

Whoa, I’ve never seen this trailer before, but it’s definitely the best one out. I can’t get over that automated surgical machine in the film. It’s so cool. I want one.


Chef Maxime Bilet explains how he concocted the ultimate hamburger which is featured as one of the recipes in the $450 5-volume book set known as the Modernist Cuisine. Just so you know, it takes about 36 hours to make this hamburger shown above.

Haha, what?! The Urban Performers took a frisbee into New York City’s Freedom Tunnel and played toss. Nobody was hit by a train. Can somebody tell me what part of the Freedom Tunnel this is? Why is it lit up with so many lights???