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Your Weather Today ‘Undercity Vegas’ from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo. Whoo! I’m a huge fan of Andrew Wonder and Steve Duncan’s urban exploration videos, especially the latest ones in conjunction with Palladium Boots on Las Vegas’ extensive storm drain tunnels.

These are truly fascinating videos of the massive tunnel system under Las Vegas. If you missed Part 1, you can catch up here.

Palladium Boots continues their urban explorer series Undercity with this look at Las Vegas’ extensive series of underground tunnels. It’s a bit creepy, exciting, and dangerous. I had no idea that some of the tunnels underneath the casinos are rigged with motion detectors.

Steve Duncan of Undercity video fame is featured here in this never-before-posted video of him gaining illegal access to underground sewer drains and tunnels on the outskirts of NYC. As always, his stories are wildly fascinating!

Another good video from the Undercity series about the underground sewers built in Bushwick which were dug out originally to transfer wastewater in the 1880s directly into the East River.