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Whoa, this is truly the best unmarked cop car I’ve ever seen. I would never have picked this one out.

This shouldn’t be news to anybody from NYC, but yes, the NYPD does use undercover taxis for routine patrol. Gawker posted a photo of one today but there is certainly more than one of these in the NYPD vehicle fleet, each one with a different cab number and each one looking almost like a real cab. The tell-tale […]

Here’s an undercover cop arresting Christopher “Xstrav” Beatty for drinking iced tea in a parking lot. Yay, America?


A Chinese news agency, Shanghai Event Post, published a series of photos and an accompanying article by an undercover reporter acting as a Foxconn iPhone 5 assembly worker. A quote from the article at MICGadget: By my own calculations, I have to mark five iPhone plates every minute, at least. For every 10 hours, I […]

Hmm, interesting. An undercover NYPD Crown Victoria taxicab without grey bumpers. This is one of those posts nobody cares about except me, isn’t it? Comments are off so you can’t even chime in!