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I’ve yet to see the film Objectified, but this little tidbit from the movie is making me add it to the top of my Netflix queue. Here, Jonathan Ive, Senior VP Industrial Design at Apple, Inc., talks about the curses of being design-centric and basically what it took to make the unibody molds that are […]


Jason Devilla took his MacBook to his brother’s vet clinic in Tiendesitas and took these awesome X-ray images of the computer. From the tags used on the Flickr page, I can assume that this is one of the new unibody MacBook computers. Very cool. I want to do this to everything I own.


Today’s big announcement from the Apple headquarters was the new manufacturing process behind the new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air. Traditionally, laptop computers were manufactured and assembled using layers of materials that were pressed together or screwed together in place. While this process has served us relatively well so far, it really hindered […]