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Music producer Pharrell Willliams has teamed up with Brooklyn Machine Works and Domeau & Pérès to create a very unique and rare collection of 12 very expensive bicycles hand-stitched with water buffalo leather. [via] Each of the 12 bicycles will be dyed in its own unique color and each will sell from the Gagosian Store […]

New Era XC | London from Chris Read on Vimeo. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the New Era brand, New Era decided to hit up 90 different European artists to help them create 90 different unique one-off styles that show off the versatility of the modern day cap. The 90 different caps were then […]


Temple Bags just finished a run of 36 truly unique medicine bags, each one made from real vintage WWII fabrics and washed to perfection. If you’re the type to worry about bumping into somebody else on the street with the same bag, this one’s for you (if you have $592). Buy one and there won’t […]

From the first episode of the new BBC series, Life, comes this fascinating segment on a unique fishing method developed by bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Florida. Basically, the dolphins stir up the sediment on the ocean floor and surround the fish they want to eat with a ring of dirt. The fish, in […]


Monsters of the Household Variety by Ruth Ashton is a very unique book in many ways. First of all, it’s gigantic in size which makes it stand out from the rest of the books it might be surrounded by. But size alone doesn’t even begin to describe this book. Inside, the pages are compromised of […]