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This is a video from 2011, but somehow I had missed it here on Doobybrain. It talks about the profits the Royal Family makes from taxpayers in the United Kingdom and how that measures up with the rest of the profits and income from tourists and royal land. An interesting bit of information that doesn’t […]

C.G.P. Grey explains why the City of London is a city within a city within a country within a country. Yes, it’s that complicated. But he explains it well (like he always does).

Apparently based on true events, Hyde Park on Hudson is about a weekend in 1939 in the country hosted by former President FDR where it was the first time the King and Queen of the United Kingdom were in the US. This looks like a funny film.

I am 100% certain that I would not have understood this if it didn’t include a map with highlighted regions. Also, if you’re going to watch this, be prepared for a crazy mess of country naming towards the end of the video. It gets insane. [via]


I can’t link directly to it because it’s a stupid flash website, but if you’ve got some time, you should stop by Gigi Cifali’s website and check out the photos of abandoned pools in the United Kingdom under the set entitled “Absence of Water”.