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Reading this news article from Reuters is just heartbreaking. Stories of watching executions of family members, working to death, widespread malnutrition, and a horrifying personal account of one female defector’s visions of prison guards forcing another woman to kill her newborn baby by drowning.

BASEBALL IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA from RYOT on Vimeo. A truly heartbreaking story of a boy in love with baseball despite a massive cholera outbreak in Haiti. The Haitian people strongly believe the UN’s Nepalese peacekeeping forces brought cholera to the island which was already in the midst of trying to get over the […]

Somebody at the BBC really screwed up. In a recent BBC News report, the logo for Halo’s United Nations Space Command (UNSC) was used in place of the United Nations’ actual logo. Maybe they thought the UN Security Council was the same thing?