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Yes, you most likely email a lot more than you send letters, but that’s no reason to dismiss the USPS altogether. Due to regulations set upon it by Congress, the USPS is losing millions of dollars PER DAY with the real fear of hitting its borrowing limit completely by October of this year (at that […]


I learned a lot about the US Post Office just now after reading this article on Esquire (published in its latest issue) about the woes and uncertain future of the government organization. It turns out that a big reason why the Post Office is doing so poorly financially is because Congress forces it to by […]


Photo of James A. Farley Post Office courtesy of Wikipedia This is mind-boggling to think that it could happen by the end of this year or early next year. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the United States Post Office defaulting on a $5.5 billion payment that would essentially shut down the USPS […]


Doh! First-Class mail from the United States Post Office is officially 44¢ as of today. If you have lots of 42¢ stamps leftover, you can purchase bundles of 2¢ stamps to make up the difference.