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As I posted the other day, Wirecutter highly recommends this RAM suction car mount with Universal X-Grip. Mine came in the other day and I have to agree, this is definitely THE BEST car mount I’ve ever used or even touched. The entire thing is impeccably built, with solid aluminum construction (while most other mounts […]


This coming August, Universal is set to release JAWS on Blu-ray with a completely remastered and restored digital version that enhances both the picture quality and the sound quality of the original film. To show how the process was done, Universal cut this video below which quite frankly is the most interesting thing I’ve seen […]


Big news this morning from The Wall Street Journal as they’ve sort of just announced (prematurely at the moment) that EMI Music is being sold to Universal for $1.9 billion and EMI Music Publishing will be sold to Sony for $2.2 billion. [via] Universal was already the biggest of the big four record labels and […]