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Sean Combs is everywhere on this speech to the 2014 graduates of Howard University. It’s like he read a bunch of Tumblr inspirational quotes and just repeated them to applause.


Hyung86 over at DeviantArt has created some images of what he/she imagines Disney characters would look like if they were in college. Hipsters? Hippies? Geeks? They’re all here. Check out the rest here.

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This is so true. It always takes me forever to find the information I need at a university/college website because it’s always buried underneath some sort of insanely long page hierarchy.

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Students (or basically, anybody with a valid .edu email address) can now receive a 1-year Amazon Prime membership for free just by signing up with their college email. This is a great $79 value absolutely free and allows you to have 2-day shipping at no extra cost and one-day shipping for just $3.99 more. I […]