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This is a good deal on a frame. Check inside for a video of this frame in action!

Weird names for everyday things

Not sure why this isn’t a readable list, but I guess a video allows you to show moving examples. I can’t say that I knew any of these beforehand.


I’ve exhausted my search online of who took these photos, so until I hear from the photographer him/herself, I will just say…THANK YOU YMFY!


A previously unknown woman named Vivian Maier is being hailed by some to be one of the greatest 20th century photographers. Her photographs, bought in 2006 by a then-26-year-old Chicago real estate agent named John Maloof ended up being so remarkable to Maloof that he started scanning them and presenting them online. The feedback was […]

CNN is reporting on a disturbing event at a Libyan hotel where an unknown woman burst into a room housing many international journalists telling of her story of rape by at least 15 of Gadhafi’s men. Government officials in the room immediately subdued her and took her away, beating several international press associates in the […]