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I’ve been here before and it’s always a trip to see new footage from it. It’s one of the largest single-abandoned facilities on earth and the size of it is truly impressive (also a bit sad of course too). The Packard Auto Plant was a center figure in the book I just finished called Detroit: […]

Not much historical information in this video unlike The Unknown Cameraman’s other videos, but still really interesting to see the remnants of a restaurant totally abandoned.

This place is actually on my list of places to explore. Good to know theĀ Bennett School for Girls still stands.

5 Boroughs, 6 Months: a visual experiment in New York City from max touhey on Vimeo. Max Touhey has an interesting way of creating time-lapse videos. Hardly a tripod shot in this entire thing and he seems to shoot with burst mode on as a default. He’s a bit of an urban explorer as you […]


Michigan Central Station in May 2012 I meant to post this earlier after my trip to Detroit last week but it sort of slipped my mind. For all you urban explorers out there looking to get into Michigan Central Station in Detroit, well, here’s your warning: The place is crawling with security now (especially after […]


Check out this insane photo of the ceiling at the Packard Auto Plant caving in on the floors below it. I walked only a portion of this massive abandoned former factory yesterday and I feel like I could have gone an entire day in here and still not have seen every part of it. It’s […]