Tag: urban planning

This video is everything. Everything. I spent the better part of 2012-2013 reading many books on the downfalls of suburban sprawl and the increase in people moving into denser urban areas. This video, without going into too much detail, explains exactly why I don’t ever picture myself living in suburbia outside of a major metropolitan city (like […]

Parts of Allen Street in the Lower East Side are constructed in this way. Not exactly, but pretty darn close, and it makes cycling a lot easier in the city. If more intersections were like this for cyclists and pedestrians, I’d imagine even more people would be walking and biking around in NYC. Read up […]

A great talk from Amanda Burden on how her work in the Bloomberg administration changed the environment of NYC in a huge way. Among the things she worked for were making new developments almost exclusively within a 10-minute walk from mass transit, generating public spaces that took advantage of NYC’s natural landscape, and making sure that […]

An impressive visual data set from Gensler LA about how a possible town square development at Pershing Square could change the surrounding neighborhood in Los Angeles. Will this actually ever come to fruition in LA? Who knows. But Gensler seems to be on the right track in proving that it could be beneficial for everyone […]