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Cute little video from Wildlife Aid about saving the urban hedgehog from extinction in Britain.

Finally, a new bike design that doesn’t look completely stupid. Designed by Teague and fabricated by Sizemore Bicycle in Seattle, this bike won the Bike Design Project award for the ultimate utility bike. Fuji is said to be taking the plans and putting them into mass production. If so, I’d love one of these. Some more photos inside.

Watch Alex Honnold climb urban structures and rocks without any safety gear or equipment. Incredible. I want to shake this guy’s hand and feel how rough they might be.

Vacant View is an inspirational documentary that shows the creative and innovative ways street artists, activists and community members utilize their available resources with the hopes to draw attention to the vacant housing epidemic in Baltimore.

A wonderful talk by Janette Sadik-Khan on how she and her organization have made major headways in making NYC one of the safest urban cities for pedestrians and cyclists. If you’ve lived in NYC in the last few years you undoubtedly have seen her work in action. Towards the end of the video you get […]

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Think you’re an urban planning guru? Try out your street design with Streetmix and see how well (or not) all your ideas fly. Will everything fit? And will you create a street for everyone or just for vehicular traffic? YOU DECIDE!