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Holy cow. If you’re an idiot and you yell that you’ve got Ebola, well, the airline is going to take it seriously and send in a health crew in full hazmat bubble suits. Pretty scary, but understandable when there’s an idiot on a plane and a real possible threat to spreading Ebola.

Posted on Kontain.com – [Flight 1549] from David Martin on Vimeo. Last year, David Martin took time-lapse footage of the submerged US Airways flight 1549 after it successfully landed in the Hudson River with all passengers safe and sound. David managed to capture the floating plane for several days as it was surrounded by ice […]

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Stephen Mallon is an industrial photographer who was on site to photograph the salvage of ditched US Airways flight 1549 which landed in the Hudson earlier last month. He is so far the only photographer that I know of that has had access to the inside of the plane. I always hear about the seat […]


Photo: AP Photo/Stephen Chernin New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger the keys to the city while introducing him as “Captain Cool”. Additional keys to the city were given to the following crew below: Flight Attendant Doreen Welsh Flight Attendant Sheila Dail Flight Attendant Donna Dent First Officer Jeffrey Skiles The keys […]

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 which crashed into the Hudson River on January 15, speaks for the first time on national television about that day. In his interview with Katie Couric, Sullenberger revealed that he knew exactly what to do after he realized that his plane was literally gliding toward […]