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The web is a magical place. Explore it with this single-serving website of useless single-serving websites.

Neatorama posted a link to Urlesque’s list of 13 useless machines and I found the ones posted here quite entertaining. First up, we have the infinite grass path — a machine that simulates an unending green pasture (so long as you don’t veer off course). And second, we have an impatient finger-tapping machine that forces […]

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We’re doing a bit of housecleaning at the office and I came across this odd Apple cable adapter in one of the drawers. It looks to me like it’s a very, very, very short DVI extension because both ends are DVI male-female. It’s presumably been tucked away for a while and I assume that nobody […]

Oh boy, this is a gem. BoingBoing is linking to an Instructables page on how to build a tiny machine that does only one thing: turn itself off. Watch the video above for a demonstration.