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Huh! This is a good short video featuring Will Dayble explaining some invisible design decisions that you can do to make your app/website more user friendly.


Gizmodo has published an article that goes into detail about the shenanigans that go on at Apple Stores. Specifically, the crude, corrupt, illegal, and misuse of information from the top of the tech ladder. This is not unusual for large-scale retail stores like this — there’s always going to be bad employees in any company […]

This is a great video from Proof Studio. The video is a compilation of user-submitted videos showing them opening their laptop bag and then pointing the camera up to “reveal” the next video.

This looks super cool. In the last few years, Microsoft really has made some strides in the UI department (I first remember thinking this when I saw the UI for the Zune). While you may hate their OS, you have to give it to their design teams for coming up with visually appealing interfaces to […]

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What the hell is a “fixed gear messenger bag”? I can’t take this poster seriously at all. This sucks.