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It’s amazing to me how the US Postal Service sorts mail. It receives such a varied assortment of letters and packages¬†with addresses that are sometimes illegible even to a human. And yet, the USPS’s Advanced Facer-Canceller System (AFCS) can read it, sort it, rotate it, and then push it to the right mail carriers for […]

You know, lately, I’ve really loved shipping via the USPS. Prices are cheap for next day and 2nd day air and I haven’t experienced anything bad lately with the service overall. I’d recommend it more if only the experience at USPS walk-in facilities were more friendly and usable. If you’re shipping most stuff that you […]

Effective today, the USPS has a new First Class stamp price (a rice of 3 cents) and a host of other new prices for all of their services. In the end, it’s still a bargain to ship via USPS compared to UPS and FedEx. I don’t mind this at all.