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Finally, a new bike design that doesn’t look completely stupid. Designed by Teague and fabricated by Sizemore Bicycle in Seattle, this bike won the Bike Design Project award for the ultimate utility bike. Fuji is said to be taking the plans and putting them into mass production. If so, I’d love one of these. Some more photos inside.

Let me tell you something. The FOrd Interceptor Utility vehicle only looks good in black. So unless your police force uses black as its primary vehicle color (like the LAPD), then forget it. It’s going to look so silly.


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo posted this photo today of a US Air Force plane shipping a giant power equipment truck from California to Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh, NY to help with the power situation after Hurricane Sandy. That’s awesome.

Everybody pay attention. This is how you make an ad for a product that convinces people who otherwise would never need your product to go out and buy one. Get one here for about $45 and be a real man.