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Mission Workshop just unveiled these awesome Rambler (44L) and Vandal (64L) backpacks with COBRA BucklesĀ thatĀ are available now for $315 and $345. Really wish my Vandal had this!


A new deck and already one of my favorites in my collection. Here is the Marc Jacobs Vandal playing cards.


This isn’t a review (that’ll come later). For now, I just want to say that this is a massive 65L beast that’s got enough compartments to hold everything and keep it all organized from within. If you need a huge backpack and you’re getting giftcards to spend this Christmas, you should highly consider the Mission […]

A new film/documentary called Vigilante Vigilante aims to answer the question of who the real vandal is in the homemade amateur battle against graffiti. Is it the actual graffiti writers or is it the notorious graffiti buffers in several big cities in the US who “white-out” these tags and murals with buckets of paint? [via]


Melbourne’s Everfresh Studio has teamed up with Ironlak, KRINK, Stabs, and Giant to create the ultimate mobile graffiti vehicle — the Graff Mobile. The pimped out graffiti van comes with a full arsenal of aerosol paints and various graffiti tools (masks, bolt cutters, boombox, ropes, tape, crowbar, etc.). [via] I want to build one!

Holy crap. Watch this train get covered head to toe by these graffiti artists. I wonder if that train conductor was scared. [via]