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I have no idea why this video is uploaded in slow-motion so bear with it as you see the railroad spray paint device made by street artist D Tagno in action. It’s a disguised railway signal that sprays horizontal lines over the surface of a passing train. It’s vandalism at its best and “art” if […]

24/7. THE WAITING IS FINALLY OVER from Montana Colors on Vimeo. Madrid 24/7, a film about underground graffiti in Madrid, is said to be finished and ready for viewing very soon. For now, enjoy these clips posted here. Ballsy is just the beginning of it…

Wow, Singaporean officials believe a 33-year-old Swiss man is behind this massive MRT train piece in Singapore. Singapore officials are now worried that this breach in security by a graffiti writer is just the tip of the iceberg in security lapses at one of the most important train stations in the country.


This could be a sign of a declining quality of life in New York City: Over the weekend 4 people were arrested for defacing the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park. The Bethesda Terrace re-opened in March 2007 after going through a lengthy and expensive renovation process, and to see it vandalized in such a way […]