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Reading through Stumbling on Happiness has brought to light a number of things that I’ve always thought but needed somebody to put into words so that I could understand it myself. Case in point, the excerpt below which describes in some detail why I often LOVE eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch when I haven’t had it […]


Rizzoli has published a new book called Variety: An Illustrated History of the World from the Most Important Magazine in Hollywood about the important of Variety Magazine in pop culture and history. In the video here, current Variety Editor-In-Chief Tim Gray talks about some of the ways Variety has helped to shape and inform the […]

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I first heard about Galco’s from a video I posted back in September of 2009. I’ve always wanted to go here and see the place firsthand and today I did. It is a dream for anybody who loves beer and soda. Bottle after bottle line the rows, each different from the other in shape, size, […]