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This is amazing. Agenda NWO got a very, very, very rare glimpse at the world’s largest gold vault underneath NYC in Lower Manhattan. And then went on to see how that gold is translated into other valuable commodities. Part 2 & 3 is after the jump!


Did you know that you could get a tour of the Gold Vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? No pictures or any electronic devices allowed inside however. The pictures you see here are pretty much the only photos ever taken of this place (a rare claim in this day and age I […]


Well, this is pretty awesome. James Edition is auctioning off an entire real vault filled with coins. You can obviously win this bid and swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck. The vault was made in 1912 and includes 1619 deposit boxes (with all keys). The vault comes with 15 tons of money — roughly […]

At 78˚N in the Arctic Circle lies the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a gigantic structure that houses Earth’s largest single collection of seeds. David Osit takes us on a tour of this facility and explains its purpose in case the world…well, stops working the way we know it.

In case you were wondering (like I was), here’s how a safe/vault gets delivered and installed with the use of a staircase. That handtruck is something!