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This is just incredible. The Tesla Model S just received the nation’s highest crash safety score ever recorded. A 5.4 overall average on a 5-star scale. Yeah, you read that one correctly. This all-electric vehicle really is one of the safest vehicles on the road. And it’s made in the USA.

I didn’t know this, but one company in the UK, Raccoon does a lot of the vehicle wraps for the cars participating in Gumball 3000. These wraps are insane. I’m not gonna lie, those flat/matte camouflage wraps on cars look really nice.

This is cool, but the biggest obstacle in making this mainstream is the fact that sidewalks and roads are hardly ever as smooth as shown in the video above. For non-regular skateboarders, that’s going to mean a lot of falls.

X-Net Non-Lethal Vehicle Arrest System

This is essentially another form of the spike strip deployed by numerous police agencies worldwide to stop fleeing vehicles. This one called the X-Net employs a series of small spikes on a net that wrap around the wheels of a car and physically prevent the wheels from spinning. Normal spike strips only slowly deflate tires […]

U.S. Army FED (Fuel Efficient Demonstrator)

The Army built this vehicle known as FED (Fuel Efficient Demonstrator) from the ground up as a tactical vehicle for all terrains. It won’t replace the Humvee, but it sure will be used alongside it as a more maneuverable vehicle on the force.

The Inventor of the Wilcraft: An amphibious, drivable, ice-fishing vehicle

The Wilcraft (the “Wil” part standing for Water, Ice, and Land) is am amphibious, drivable, ice-fishing vessel that makes it safer and easier for ice-fishers to do their work. It no longer requires people to drive their trucks out onto the ice which has a tendency to break due to the truck’s weight. With the […]