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You know those 3-wheeled NYPD golf-cart-looking vehicles used mainly by meter maids? It turns out you can buy them on eBay for real cheap (like $2000 at times). Some people have retrofitted them to be mini food carts.

I feel like supercuts of Wes Anderson films are pretty easy to put together because he uses the same shots all the time.

This is truly one of the crazier boat videos I’ve seen. At the Kimolos Island port in Greece, a passenger ship arrived and docked in very rough seas. And instead of waiting out the storm, the ship just lets people and vehicles off and on like it’s no big deal. The craziness starts at the […]

An interesting comparison of two different class hybrid vehicles. In the end, you get a bit of Ford’s recent history in the hybrid arena and how they’re a bit connected to Toyota in that respect.

A man who owns the Little Giants Construction Company Youtube account has been uploading videos of his basement being excavated using scale-model RC construction vehicles. It’s one of the most remarkable projects I’ve ever seen anyone do, mainly because of the time invested in doing it all with small remote-controlled trucks. It apparently took the […]