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Are these real? If so, I wonder if they’re as strong as their aluminum counterparts.

Photoshop CS6 has a revamped animated GIF rendering engine allowing me to output things like the image above. If you want to get a good sense of what those Velocity rims with Halo reflective coating do, just take a look at the animation above. I’m going riding tonight!


The two photos above aren’t showing two different rims. It’s showing the same front Velocity Halo rim which glows bright white under direct light and reflects the light back at the viewer. When there’s no flash involved, the rim is a striking gun-metal grey (top image). These are awesome. Full bike photo soon.


Nobody talks about these, but they may be some of the best color options ever made for Velocity rims. These limited edition rims were made back in 2010 with Halo reflective coatings making them seem dark grey by appearance and bright white when light is shed on them. The cool thing about Halo coating is […]