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I didn’t know these Japanese vending machines had a name. They are called gachapon or gacha (sometimes spelled with an S instead of a C) and this place is the king of them all apparently.

You saw the regular Japanese vending machines, now here’s the Japanese vending machines dispensing HOT beverages.

This is really interesting. It turns out that a lot of those quarter-eating vending machines at delis, pizza parlors, and bodegas in NYC were the product of the genius mind of Bradley Ellison (aka Sugarman). Sugarman lives in Staten Island and spends his days driving around doing meager pickups from where his machines call home. […]

The BurritoBox – get your burritos while you watch an ad. It’s an experience!

Gizmodo wrote an article about this little machine that Coca-Cola once advertised to small businesses. It’s basically a miniature version of a soda fountain but apparently it was less than stellar at its job. It would often break and cost a lot to fix. Coca-Cola eventually got rid of this in the early 2000s, a […]